Thursday, February 5

Today’s weather report

It’s hot, I’m tired and I need chocolate.

Anyone got a problem with that?

The bureau told us it was going to be 40 tomorrow and 34 on Saturday. Now they say it’s going to be 43 tomorrow (only getting down to 32 overnight – sob) and 41 on Saturday. They are liars. Later I’m going to down to the bureau to punch someone on the nose.

Apparently the cool change will come and it’s going to be 25 on Sunday. That would be nice….but I’ll believe it when I see it.

In the meantime let be known that I am heartily sick of this stifling ‘record-breaking’ heat. I am a Scottish person…we’re not made for this kind of weather.



Dave said...

It snowed here again last night, and more forecast.

I'll teleport some over, shall I?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes please Dave. Throw in some macaroon bars while you're at it please.

Cathy said...

I have to catch up on reading your blog Caitlin...all over the place today so will be back when I can to read everything :)

miss*R said...

hey, I am Australian and even I am not made for this heat.. go see my post. geezus, it is going to be 47 here! 47??????

I am sick of it too.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is made for this heat Robyn, even hardened 'heat lovers' are complaining!

I heard your forecast on the news last night and immediately thought of you...hope you manage to stay cool. We are told the change will come through this afternoon for us.