Sunday, February 8

Spare a thought…

…and a prayer (if that’s your thing) for those lost and those who have lost loved ones in the terrible fires in Victoria and New South Wales.

bushfires 3

The Premier has declared a state of emergency and defence force troops are being brought in to assist.

Many fires are still burning and being fought by the Volunteer Fire Services. Can you imagine how exhausting that must be wearing heavy fire fighting gear, temperatures of 45C+ and a blaze raging around you?

Firefighter In Victoria arsonists are re-lighting the fires. There 66 confirmed dead so far (I say so far, because more are expected to be found), cars being found abandoned by the side of roads, occupants missing, whole townships wiped out, families, livestock, wildlife and pets gone.

bushfire 2

It’s tragic, sobering, unimaginable and very, very sad.

Photos from ABC online


Dave said...

Consider it done.

Leanne said...

in my thoughts and prayers too

leanne x

Z said...

Terrible and shocking. To think that it was only a few days ago we were reading about floods up north.

We prayed for those poor people in church this morning.

miss*R said...

woke this morning and the toll has risen. it is just awful. Our nation is wonderful though, even in our economic climate, many, many of us are donating money to help those affected.

NSW is safe right now, the fires are under control and we have had a cool change. My home is not near any fires this time.

Anonymous said...

Sadly Z, the floods continue as well with more storms and rain forecast. Australia is a land of contrasts.

I've been wondering about you Robyn, I tried to work out from the maps if there were fires near you. So glad to hear you're unaffected.

Julie said...

I just heard about the Australian fires this morning. I am so, so sorry to hear about the terrible devastation, the poor firefighters and most especially, the loss of lies.

I must go and check on my friend Robyn in NSW.