Monday, February 2

Name that tree **Updated**

There is a lovely tree in our back garden that I enjoy sitting under with my morning coffee. Unfortunately I have no idea what it is.

Does anyone know?

Prizes for the winner (not really).

It has these pretty leaves and sort of catkin thingies.....

...this bark is quite papery....

...and the branches are somewhat 'weeping' which creates a cosy little cocoon for me to sit.


P.S. If you don't know, can you direct your readers here to have a look please...someone must know!

Ladies and gentlemen we have an answer! Dave thought it might be a Silver Birch and Kate confirmed that it is indeed a Silver Birch. Thank you!!!


Dave said...

I was going to say a willow, but the bark looks more like a silver birch.

I don't know.

Kate James said...

It is a silver birch...I have six in my back garden.

Beautiful, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

It really is a beautiful tree and my favourite morning spot with my coffee.

Now when I chat to it I can call it by name. :-)

miss*R said...

yes, silver birch :)