Friday, February 13

Grace in Small Things 4

1. Unexpected visitors – there is a creek at the bottom of the garden so we have frogs visiting regularly. It’s always pleasing. Ok, there was that one time that it wasn’t quite so pleasing, but usually it is.


2. Friends.  Since birth…all of them. 


3. My mother-in-law’s home made apricot jam on still warm grain bread.


4. Rock stars doing Abba Karaoke in their underwear.

5. Stella (can we pretend this is an arty shot that’s supposed to be blurry like that?) she’s wriggly…it’s hard to get a non-blurry one. DSCN2928 


Cathy said...

some good ones...that toast looks yummy!

Dave said...

Hmmm. Underwear photos are a bit saucy for a Friday.

Mary Sharpe said...

Very smile-making.

Mary Sharpe

Z said...

I don't suppose there's the least chance that you kiss frogs, just in case, is there?

Dave said...

I'm sure you're just very busy, but thought I'd wave to check all's well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave, lots going on this week. I'll do a post tomorrow (and be over to visit you then too).

Dave said...

Is it tomorrow in Australia yet?

Dave said...

I'm sure it must be by now.