Thursday, February 19

A lot can happen in a week

However in this case it didn’t. Life is very busy but without blog fodder. Just work. Nothing else. Even the weekend was busy in one way or another.  The weather was lovely mind you (don’t often hear me say that do you?) sunshine without the heat.

Perfect weather for eating every meal outdoors.

But other than that nothing. Working. Madly.

This weekend the girls are away and Tom and I will be home alone.  Next week he is away to the Gold Coast for a conference. He’s staying in a nice hotel that apparently deliver fruit platters to the room – we think the girl comes with it. For some reason he wasn’t keen on this girl and said the colleague that is travelling with him can have his.  He’ll keep the fruit platter though.

imageSo everyone is getting away except me.  Which I think is a bit unfair.


Dave said...

If you're going to be home alone I'll see if I can get the teleport working again.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea Dave, you can reupholster my lounge suite and do a few guest blog posts while you're here.

Then we can watch Dr Who.

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

its been a bit of a non-week with me too~a fruit platter would be nice, now who could i have deliver it?!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if David Tennant would be interested Laoi?