Tuesday, February 3

Blog makeover

As you can see the makeover has commenced. It needs a little tweaking here and there but ultimately this is more or less how things will be. I’m quite happy with it so far.

I’m particularly pleased with my new 3 column look. I like 3 columns. Better use of space. I’m somewhat happy with my new header…it’s more ‘me’. If you are interested in creating a third column there are loads of tutorials online, I used this one…it was excellent - very quick, very easy and nothing went wrong.

There are a couple of new posts for your perusal. The new ‘about me’ page and the new ‘100 things’ page which I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for.

I have also discovered the most wonderful thing for writing blog posts…I’m writing this post on it and I am beside myself with pleasure over it’s efficiency. It’s here and it’s free to download.

You can write your blog posts from your desktop and it deals with all those annoying formatting issues that come with blogs…especially where it doesn’t like stuff you cut and paste from Word or when it gets all messed up when you insert a picture. When you press ‘publish’ as if by magic your post appears on the blog. Seriously, check it out. It’s brilliant.

So I still have a couple of little bits and pieces to do here, a few images that need updating. I also have plans to purchase Bridget’s Flame it’s very own domain name – clearly the relationship is serious, it’s time I made a commitment.


Dave said...

It looks lovely and fresh and if that's your porch I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

It's not my porch yet...but it will be as soon as we get on with the renovations.

Beautiful isn't it?

Dave said...

The 'about me' link in this post doesn't work (the one on the sidebar does though, so that's OK).

Many of the 100 things are true of me also.

Dave said...

I've just spent a jolly while trying the instructions on that link, and ended up with my main body to the left, and two sidebars on the right!

I've gone back to the way things were. I haven't even changed the name of my blog!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave I've fixed that link.

I think you should write your own 100 things so we can compare.

I can't think why that happened on your blog - are you using Minima template? It really was extremely straightforward when I did it. I'm puzzled.

solsticedreamer said...

ohh it looks lovely!
i have been trying to tinker with my blog~following the urges of imbolc and all~but apart from changing font color i have had little success! techno fear!

Dave said...

I followed the instructions word for word, including changing to the Minima template.

Never mind, I think I've got used to my style now, anway.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lee, it really wasn't very difficult, I enjoyed doing it and in the end it didn't take very long. If there's anything I can do to help let me know.

Well that's a pity Dave, but really, where your blog is concerned, how can you improve on perfection.

Leanne said...

ooh nice new look, all fresh for spring!

leanne x

Z said...

I love the new look and I'll read all about you as soon as I have a moment.

I'm not sure if I can cope with anything electronic that's more efficient than I am. I'm a bit easily intimidated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leanne, despite the fact it's nearly Autumn here I still run on northern hemisphere 'clock' so it does feel spring-like to me!

I know what you mean Z, however in this case it's making blogging easier so I'm all over it. I'm secretly hoping it will start writing the posts for me.

miss*R said...

love the new look. I have one too.. I am morphing again !

Anonymous said...

I thought your blog looked lovely Robyn, a bit of reinvention is a good thing.