Thursday, December 4

Cast away!!!

Cast away...bit of play on words there...cast....away....castaway....get it? Ahem.

Anyway, today was a big day, Aislin was back at the hospital to have the cast removed (we hoped). As it turned out that did happen although the doctor warned that the growth part of the bone may be affected but we won't know unless it gives her trouble so all is ok for now and she could have the cast off.

She was very nervous, wouldn't smile for the camera....she'd been able to hear the saw going from the waiting room and it was freaking her out.

The saw came out and the nurse assured her it couldn't cut skin and demonstrated by touching it then got me to touch it. I don't remember that being in the contract but I did it anyway. She began to cut and it was very noisy and Aislin was not happy, but stayed very still and quiet and didn't complain.

Then there were some big plier type things to prise the cast apart.

Then the cutting of the inner bandages......

.....and then it was gone.....

Apart from some funny looks from the nurse as I was taking photos (she obviously doesn't have a blog) everything went well. Aislin is limping slightly but that's more from stiffness and lack of use than pain. The doctor said she'll be fine in a couple of days.

She's now soaking in the bath, she's been longing to do that and has already been in there for about 45 minutes. I'm going to have to fight to get her out.

Tonight is the school Carol Concert. Every year we're encouraged to pack a picnic and sit on the school playing fields to hear the carols. Last year is was 35 degrees, 100% humidity and ended in torrential rain and a thunder storm. The year before the parents were all huddled in their picnic rugs it was so cold. Today it is raining and warmish with storms forecast. Should be a good night.


Dave said...

Spooky title, in view of my post today.

ps I think you meant 'from'.

solsticedreamer said...

she looked so nervous bless her! such a relief though, i remember how great it was getting the cast off of my arm after 3 months...phew! (snowboarding accident!)

Cathy said...

Oh my goodness, look at the size of those pliers!!

haha was wondering what the nurse thought of you taking photos...good on you for pulling out the camera! Aislin looks so nervous in the photos - hope she enjoyed her long soak :)

Our school xmas concert is's hot weather for us. Last year it was raining lol (I can laugh because I was still on maternity leave last year)

Anonymous said...

Yes Dave, I also meant to say 'it was SO cold'. All fixed now, thanks for proofreading.

Snowboarding Lee? You know reading and knitting are much safer pastimes.

Well the rain was torrential last night Cathy so we were all cramped into the school hall. All went well though, it's over for another year (yay!...did I say that?)