Tuesday, December 16

Unplanned renovations

Remember I mentioned that I was planning to put up the Christmas tree on Sunday? Hannah had a birthday party to go to that day and I said we'd put up the tree when she came back. In the afternoon, while she was gone, I started to organise the furniture to accommodate the tree. I happened to mention to Tom that we really should have moved the piano as we've been planning to do for a few weeks. 'Well, let's do it now!' he said. 'Ok!' I enthusiastically cried.

Later, after we'd removed two doors and a built in cupboard to get the piano to it's new location, I nearly had a little cry.

Everything from that cupboard was piled on our bed. The office was in turmoil, there were tools over all over the floor, the tree wasn't even close to being put up and the children were whining about that and the fact they hadn't been given dinner yet.

'Shut up' I said. And they did.

Since then things have been tidied up, the tree is decorated and looking lovely, the children have recovered from the slight malnutrition they suffered on Sunday and I'm getting better with some counselling.

And I'm really glad that cupboard has gone, it was an eyesore.



Dave said...

What's the point of having girl-children if they can't do simple domestic tasks like cooking dinner?

solsticedreamer said...

oh poor you...but the cupboard is gone!

Z said...

Oh lord, I do that. Make one job into a huge one and wish I hadn't started. It's worth it in the long run, but there's certainly a stage when it isn't.