Friday, December 12

No more pencils, no more books...

....I won't finish that little rhyme because I won't make derogatory comments about teachers on this blog (after all I was one myself) and also because I would hate to offend Cathy. Also I love teachers. Especially teachers I know (like Cathy) and my daughters' teachers.

Have I sucked up enough?

Ok, on with the show. It is now officially the SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!!!

As you can see from this picture taken 5 minutes ago.

I picked up the girls today and attended the short 'end of year' assembly (not the official one, that was last week - just a quick 'have a great summer' type assembly). It gives the kids the opportunity to do the official countdown to the final bell and make a lot of noise and get thoroughly worked up with excitement before sending them home with their parents - some kind of teachers' revenge I think.

During this assembly one of Hannah's classmates was invited to get up and tell everyone about the school's under 10 cricket team. He looked a bit bewildered for a minute then got up and said 'well....we've lost every match so far'. Apparently they can never score more than 60 and the other teams always score more than 100 (that still seems like a lot of goals to me). He got a big round of applause anyway.

We are home and have cleaned out the school bags and stored them away until next year. I now have a mountainous pile of art work that has come home with the girls as well school books and numerous sets of pencils and felt tips. It's fantastic because I was hoping for some more clutter just before Christmas.


miss*R said...

enjoy the break.. I use to love the end of year when my kids were at school... I loved having them home..well, for a little while anyhow,, then I started to think about drinking during the day(ha, ha).. but you know what I mean.

Dave said...

That doesn't look like very crickety weather. I do hope it doesn't rain when we're staying with you - otherwise you may need those crayons to entertain us.

Z said...

It's about 3ยบ Celsius here, and raining too. I think I'd rather have your rain.

Anonymous said...

Yes Robyn, I know that week 4 or 5 I'll be blogging about how I can't wait until they go back to school. But for now I'll enjoy their company and a nice break.

Dave, I have a whole list of activities for the BMCC to help wile away the hours if the weather is inclement. Crayons, paints, lots of cutting and pasting.

I love our rain Z, the more the better (and we're getting a drenching just now). I'm not so keen on the humidity though. Plus I'd give just about anything for a cold Christmas.

solsticedreamer said...

summer holiday...that sounds so odd to me sitting here in the depths of a new forest winter!
but have a wonderful summer!

Cathy said...

lol yes you have sucked up enough! hee hee. love the final bell countdown idea and the thought of sending the children home in a frenzy of excitement (okay, maybe I just wish that on certain parents lol)