Wednesday, December 24

Christmas meme

Describe what goes on for you and your house and your family for Christmas:

My typical Christmas morning it depends where we are, but if we are at home, the children wake and make a lot of excited noise. We come through and make coffee for Tom and I and hot chocolate for the girls. The present opening commences with lots of happiness and the taking of many photos. When that is finished we clean up all the paper and make a special breakfast - I like Kedgeree on Christmas morning but we vary it. We then eat and relax and enthuse about our gifts. If we are at someone else's house (my in-laws or my sister's) it's similar but with more people and less kedgeree.

The best thing about Christmas is the girls' faces when they see the tree surrounded by presents on Christmas morning...I know it's a cliche but really, that is it for me...their happy little faces.

The worst thing I have already told you about

My Gift-giving philosophy is to try to give something that will give the recipient pleasure and is something they wouldn't buy themselves. I don't like giving 'useful' presents. It should be a little bit of luxury.

Shopping destinations - I love to shop online, if I can't I cry a little then go to the 'big shops'.

Budget - Yes, we have one and usually try to stay within it...give or take.

Receiving gifts is a bit of a chore. I have a husband who DOES believe in useful gifts...that's why I get things like casserole dishes and cheese graters. I have to be careful mentioning something I want during the year because he stores that information and tries to please me by presenting it to me on Christmas morning when I try to look pleased and sound grateful. So while everyone else is reading a new book and listening to a new CD I am grating cheese. Note: it was a very fancy and expensive grater...but still a grater.

Decorations are minimal. A tree, a table centre, a beautiful red velvet Mage.

Theme - No, my Mum did themes, it seems like too much work for me.

The tree is small but with lots of lights - I like lots of lights (clear ones though they must be clear, not coloured) . It has a mix of old and new decorations (some from when I was a child) and some decorations the girls have made. It's very pretty.

My decorating wish is a bigger tree.

The menu - We'll be at the beach house for present opening so perhaps kedgeree for breakfast? Lunch is at my in-laws farm, my MIL always over-caters so there will be ridiculous amounts of food - always the traditional Christmas fare.

The vibe - depends who you are, children are excited, some adults are exhausted, others are...ahem..merry. Me? I don't have a vibe.

Your best timesaver tips - Keep it simple - one dessert is enough (ok, maybe two).

The wow factor is not getting a cheese grater.

Preparing for guests is someone elses job because this year WE are the guests.

On the day after Christmas I'll be...hiding at the beach house, probably gazing woefully at a new Dustbuster and generally just glad it's over. I'll also be looking forward to coming home.

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miss*R said...

have a magickal christmas day! Hope its not too hot... here in Woodford, the rain drizzles down and the mist rolls in... perfect!