Sunday, December 21

Packing and preparing

Today will be spent sorting, organising and packing for our week at the beach house. I have about 20 lists (I'm a list maker) but the only thing I'm really worried about is forgetting a vital Christmas present and having a child think Santa has let them down.

We have a quiet week planned down there, the girls will spend a couple of days with their Grandparents and I intend to spend much of the time lying around reading interspersed with the occasional beach walk. Thursday will be the obligatory family Christmas lunch then back to the beach house for more relaxing.

Oh and there's some cricket thing happening too, my job is to provide crayons and throw shrimps at a barbie apparently.

During my absence there will be a few random posts scheduled all over the place to keep you guessing. Unfortunately as there is no internet connection where I am (not even a phone...what bliss!) I will be unable to visit my favourite blogs so you'll get a break from my comments. I will catch up on our return though so you're warned.


Dave said...

I think we shall all enjoy staying there. Do try to enjoy yourself, won't you?

Anonymous said...

I think the arrival of the BMCC will be the highlight of the week, until then I shall make every effort to enjoy myself.

I hope you have an enjoyable and restful break at your mystery location Dave, looking forward to hearing all about it after the festivities - Merry Christmas - XX.

Dave said...

And also to you.

Z said...

Have a lovely and strengthening Christmas, Caitlin, and I hope that in making it enjoyable for your children, you'll regain some of its pleasures for yourself.

I never miss the telephone in its absence. I'd love to be phoneless, but the Sage would hate it.

Cathy said...

I can't stand being away from an internet connection lol - just how are you scheduling these drop from nowhere posts?