Monday, December 1

Things I learned from NaBloPoMo

Well it's over, after a month of having daily blog posts hanging over my head like an unrelenting Sword of Demacles at last I can relax. I was going to treat myself to a day off today but I decided that bloggers all over the world are probably doing that and I hate to be predictable.

So what did I learn? Couple of things actually.

  1. I don't like the pressure. It's one thing to write a daily blog post because you want to, it's a totally different thing to feel you have to. Didn't like that. At all.
  2. There are actually more important things than blogging (didn't know that did you?) yes, it's true!
  3. (I know I said a 'couple' but I just thought of another) it is quite difficult to explain to people a) why you're doing NaBloPoMo and b) why you are determined to keep doing it even when you don't want to. They just don't get it and you know why they don't get it? Because they understand point two.

I actually found it quite difficult, it didn't help that I am very busy at the moment so it was always a case of finding some time to fit it in and there were a few occasions I was writing a post and feeling guilty because I wasn't doing something else I was meant to be doing. Now that is just silly.

So it's back to business as usual, I'll very likely be here most days, but not if I'm too busy or don't have anything to say. We'll be away for Christmas too and the beach house doesn't even have a phone, never mind an internet connection so there won't be any posts that week.

I won't be doing NaBloPoMo again.


Dave said...

I, as you may have noticed, have done a post every day (other than when I'm away from home - and sometimes even then) for the last 4 years. I appreciate there are people who need their daily fix of reading my important musings.

Anonymous said...

Well yes Dave and that's exactly as it should be, where would be without your daily posts about greenhouses and celibate reality TV? There would be a revolution if you didn't post daily.

I have nothing as interesting as that to offer so it's not worth my posting daily. Really.

Dave said...

You could put up video links of you tap dancing.

Anonymous said...

Tap dancing is a bit like St Andrew Dave, only so much you can say about it.

Cathy said...

well said i think. although i think i'll probably still try again one day. just because i'm stubborn. and i don't like to "fail" lol. i for one have enjoyed your daily posts, if that is any consolation.

solsticedreamer said...

i am not sure i could post every day so good for you in doing it this past month!

there is something for you over at mine :) (if you are not too busy!)

Dave said...

It really is not good enough, you know. It's been Tuesday here for 11 hours, so it must be nearly over Down Under.

If we can't see you dancing on a tap, a pole would do.

Dave said...

[I don't mean a Polish person tap dancing.]

Cathy said...

lol Dave! you always get a chuckle from me! come back caitlin!!! (i suspect she has run away...)

Anonymous said...

I only ran away for a little while to attend a pole dancing course. I'm back now.

Thank you for the award and tag Lee, I've posted it today (Wed).

Cathy, it was downright stubbornness that kept me going I think. Now I've done it I'm drawing a satisfied line under NaBloPoMo.