Friday, December 5

Concerts and stuff

It's been a busy couple of days, although not nearly as bad as last year. The school concert last night went well. A few hundred parents relatives and friends crowded into the school hall and the children came in one class at a time and gave their performances (there just wasn't room to have all the children in the hall too). It had been raining off and on all day and shortly after the concert began it really started to rain heavily. The noise of rain on the roof was so loud at times it drowned out the singing...which may have been a good thing. By the time we left there was a bit of flooding round the classrooms and people were dashing to their cars in the downpour.

This morning was the last assembly of the year and Aislin's class were leading it. Because the children hadn't been able to see each others performances we were subjected treated to another round of their songs. Then parents were invited to a morning tea, frankly I think we deserved cocktails. I wanted to come home because I'm tired and have had enough of school, but that seemed rude so I stayed for a cup of tea, socialised a bit and managed to resist the scones.

Next week is the last week of school and then we have the long summer holidays stretching before us. Looking forward to that, as long as it doesn't start the way it did last year.


Dave said...

You could have teleported me a scone, at least.

Cathy said...

Ahhh, glorious summer holidays!! Bring them on!! Every teacher will be dancing for joy :)) I don't feel it so much this year being part-time, but when I was full-time, these holidays were a saving grace!

Dave said...

Stop commenting at my place and get on writing something entertaining here.

Or post a picture of your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Ok,'s done!!

Sorry Dave, it's not very entertaining at all tonight. And there are no pictures of my eyes.