Sunday, December 14

Nothing exciting to report...

...shocking I know! Yesterday I had a two hour nap...TWO HOURS!!! Then I ate dinner, watched a DVD and went to bed! I may have sleeping sickness.

Today I made a feeble attempt at sorting through the year's worth of art work that came home from school on Friday. I seem to be just shifting piles of it around various locations. I wish I could resolve the 'art work' issue. My children are obsessively attached to their work and they are the most unbelievably artistically prolific children I have ever met. They draw, paint or create daily...and never just one...oh no, it's always several pieces. I don't want to spoil the fun, but really there just is not room for all this art! Where in God's name can I put it all? I can only dispose of it by stealth, always leaving a few behind hoping they may not notice. They do though. I've tried offering to photograph it all for posterity and just keep it on a special disc. They're not buying that though. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful.

Later today we will put up the Christmas tree. I haven't done it yet because a) I've been too busy b) I don't like putting it up too early (I get sick of looking at it) and c) we're heading to the beach house next weekend so I wasn't sure there was much point. Apparently that is very un-Christmassy of me and we can't get into a Christmassy frame of mind without the I've relented and we'll do it this afternoon. We'll also do a smaller version at the beach house so Father Christmas knows where to leave the presents. Two tree decorating sessions, yes that's sure to get me in a Christmassy mood. Or some kind of mood anyway.


Dave said...

Encourage the kids to sell their artwork on e-bay.

I haven't put up any decorations this year, as I'm actually away for Christmas.

Z said...

Still too early for Christmas decorations for me too. Usually, they go up a week before Christmas and stay up until Twelfth Night, but some years the tree doesn't get put up until Christmas Eve.

I never found a real answer to the art work problem. My best suggestion is to say there's no more space and that they have to choose what to keep and what not to keep. They can each have a box that they can fill and keep, but when that's full they have to decide what goes. The newest or favourite items can be kept on display until they bring home something else to put up.

If they don't buy that, then after a week all art work has to be kept in their bedrooms and it's their responsibility to look after it. The time may come when they start to throw it away themselves.

solsticedreamer said...

swampy would have had our tree up on dec 1st if he had his way~luckily he has'nt so it went up three days ago!

Cathy said...

perhaps (along your electronic storage idea line), you could scan the artworks and then print them in a photo book or something similar. It could be their own published artwork book to keep on the shelf and show off to people. a few favourite original pieces could be stored and the rest could either be sold (on Etsy?), used as special wrapping paper or thrown in the bin!

Anonymous said...

Good idea Dave.

I'm the same Z, if it were up to me it would go up closer to Xmas and stay up until 12th night.

So Swampy is a big kid then Lee? The girls started asking about the tree going up in November! Eeek!

I like that idea Cathy, I'm pretty sure they'd love the idea of a book of their art work.

miss*R said...

keep the best.. really. I had boxes of art for many years.. then I read somewhere to have a box to put it all in and every now and then take a handful out, sort through it, toss some out and keep the best. And the best of the best, I framed and they hang in my home.