Thursday, December 11


Well would you look at that, sit down at my desk on Monday and the next time I look up it's Thursday. Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, I haven't been sitting at my desk constantly. It just feels like it. I am, however, happy to report that I'm making progress. At this rate I will be able to drive off to the beach house in a week or so with a clear conscience and not have to take any work with me. Huzzah!

There was a slight disturbance in The Force yesterday though. While I sat here frantically busily writing a very important article about business plans (exciting no?) I received an email from my sister. In this email she conversationally commented that she had gone Christmas shopping and tried to buy a particular gift for someone only to find that it was out of stock. Everywhere. EEEEEK!! I suddenly realised that a couple of things the girls have asked Father Christmas to bring are quite popular at the moment. The other day Aislin asked me if I thought Father Christmas would really bring the present she had asked for. I said 'of course he will, you've been such a lovely, kind and generous girl how could he not?'. Oops. I'll tell you how he could not...if Target are out of stock that's how! OH NO!!! I leapt from the desk and headed immediately to the shops. Then a kerfuffle of mammoth proportions ensued including visiting a number of shops and me almost rugby tackling anyone in my path to get the last two sets of something called Beados (don't ask, I don't know) from the shelf. The 'main' presents have also been secured, I won't go into details, but trust was touch and go there for a while.

I also discovered that several days of non-stop (more or less) working at the desk creates something in the laundry called a 'bloody-great-mountain-of-clean-washing-that-needs-to-be-folded-and-put-away'. I only know this because Hannah went to look for clean socks on Monday night and finally emerged from the pile on Wednesday morning after which she gave a full report of the anomaly. I dealt with it last night. Very late last night.

Anyway, now I'm back at my desk. Still working. Blogging a tiny bit. And not reading blogs at all. Sorry my best blogging friends, I'll be there soon to catch up missed posts and leave inane as usual coming soon to a blog near you.

Thank you for not giving up on me.


Dave said...

You are aware, I'm sure, that children are quite computer-savvy. Best, then, not to mention their Christmas presents, given that they probably read this.

Oh, and Hannah - stop swearing please.

Anonymous said...

You're right Dave, these young ones with their internets and blogs and foul language.


solsticedreamer said...

oh i hate clean wasing that needs folding and putting away as my swampy generally gets it and dumps it on the bed leaving me to find it when i am tired and grumpy and wanting to get into the bed...grrrrrrrrrr

Cathy said...

hope santa managed to find what he was looking for :) thomas is still asking for a BLUE guitar but i'm trying to persuade him that santa could bring him any colour and that that will be wonderful anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Lee, I hate that too! And I hate putting the washing away...hate it.

Yes Cathy, Santa was very happy that he got everything he went for. Oh no the blue guitar debacle continues? Damn those colour coded Wiggles!