Monday, August 11


I had a lovely start to the week. Not only am I starting to feel moderately human again (apart from an impressive consumptive cough) but this morning a friend came over for coffee. I met this particular friend 8 years ago as I sat in hospital, bored to death, awaiting the arrival of my first baby. I'd had complications in my pregnancy and was facing a premature delivery. I was all alone in a twin room and the door opened and she was brought in, she too was having problems and her baby was scheduled to be delivered 3 days later. It was a tense and emotional time but within minutes of meeting she and I were laughing hysterically over something and we bonded. During the few days that we shared a room we got on like a house on fire and met each others families and visitors but there was never a time when our respective husbands were there at the same time so they didn't meet. After our babies were born we didn't see each other for a few days although we both had babies in NICU. One morning Tom and I were waiting for the lift to take us up to NICU and the doors opened and out stepped my friend, she and I greeted each other enthusiastically only to stop dead and stare in amazement at our husbands who were also greeting each other enthusiastically. Turned out they already knew each other. Small world.

Anyway, we've been the best of friends ever since, we even had our second babies around the same time (not deliberately, it was one of those 'guess what? I'm pregnant' and she said 'guess what? I'm pregnant too!') and she is just one of those friends that you can totally rely on, she's hilariously funny and always there when you need her. Today we had coffee and talked and ate some home made apple spice muffins that I'd made and talked and looked through House Beautiful and Country Living and planned the decorating I'm about to do and talked some more and we may have gossiped just a tiny wee bit (but not vindictively)...oh and we laughed. Our heads off. A lot.

It was great and it was just what I needed. Thanks Mish.


Dave said...

Lovely. Did you talk about cricket?

Dave said...

Oh, and did you want to take over the catering concession for our cricket matches next season? I don't think we've had muffins before.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, we talked about cricket for ages in hushed and respectful tones.

I'd love to cater your cricket, I have a huge muffin repertoire.