Monday, August 4

My security is too secure

I’m having computer problems. It all began last Friday when I couldn’t access a number of blogs including my own. I thought my past had come back to haunt me and I’d finally made it onto a secret service data base and been censored – and coincidentally so had a number of my blog friends. However it turned out to be a problem at Blogger, most disappointing. Then my virus protection subscription ended and I was completely blocked from accessing the internet or my emails. It took me a while to work out the problem which could only be fixed by renewing my virus protection….which I would have done had I been able to access the internet (do you see a glitch in their system?). So I uninstalled that software and in a fit of pique against the company (who shall remain nameless but it rhymes with Morton) I took a trial with a different company. This pathetic attempt at revenge has come back to bite me because the new software is causing the internet to run so slowly I’d be quicker jumping in the car and driving to the home of the sites I’m trying to access. I managed to post a comment to one blog by turning off the security software. Then I couldn’t turn it back on so had to download the whole thing again. Now it won’t let me access my blog – or anyone else’s so I can neither post my ramblings or visit my favourite sites and leave comments. Sorry, but as soon as I work out how to change the settings I shall be back – if I don’t end up throwing my computer out of the window that is.

In the meantime my sister is very kindly posting this for me….say hello M…….


Dave said...

I'm typing this from the library, as for the last couple of weeks I've been unable to accesss the internet. Am planning to start again once I've moved.

Fun, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, fun. Not much. I don't know where you find the patience Dave....but do you notice I'm here? Yes, here I am responding to your comment. I've had to turn off the phishing seems that is the problem.

God only knows what problems will now occur without the phishing thingy.

Dave said...

I am just an incredibly patient bloke. Would that the world would notice and give me points for it.

You will probably get phished now.

Anonymous said...

I know, solving one problem will undoubtedly create another.

You can have points from me, lots of them. Not that they'll do you much good, but just know that you have them.

Anyway, aren't we supposed get all those rewards in heaven? I only ask because you are the one with expertise in that area. :-)

Z said...

I think you'll notice if you're getting phished and you won't take the bait. I find gmail sorts out most spam and the rest I just don't open. The only likelihood of a virus is on attachments on emails from friends, and all my friends are sensible people with virus protection. My only virus protection is having a Mac, which has been all right so far.

miss*R said...

and Mercury isn't even in retrograde.... hmm was that your computer that went flying by my left ear?
hope it is all sorted soon..

Anonymous said...

Z, you're right, the system has plenty of other security measures in place that deal very nicely with spam. I'm sure it will be fine and I have promised myself that my next computer will be a Mac.

Robyn, I did have to double check on Mercury in the middle of all this. Now I'm just letting it go and trusting that all will be well. I didn't throw the laptop, but I did think about running away to your peaceful haven to escape.

Tilly said...

Don't I just know what this is like - blogged about it myself last week. Tried to order something online and it would have been quicker to walk there myself! I haven't managed to work out what's causing the problem though!