Saturday, August 16


Well I think I overdid things. I haven't fully recovered from the virus I had last week but went ahead and started sanding and painting anyway and then fell in a bit of heap. It took me a while to work out what was wrong, then I realised I just wasn't quite well enough yet. So I've put the painting on hold for a few days. I did finish the dining area though and it looks very nice.

So today I'm just resting, reading and doing some crafty activities with the girls. Tom is on holiday until the 25th when he starts his new job - I'm hoping I might get some help with the sanding and painting.

Yesterday was the last day at his old job and they treated him to a nice lunch and gave him a bottle of single malt as a farewell gift - he was happy with that. He's really looking forward to starting his new job. Tom is an environmental scientist, for the past 6 or 7 years he has been working for the state government with the group that stops people cutting down trees they shouldn't cut down and clearing valuable vegetation that should be left alone. His job was on the research side of things and he quite enjoyed it. During that time he's gone off a few times on secondment to other environmental workgroups doing lots of interesting things. He has become increasingly interested in policy and legislation and did a short spell in the Minister's office. Because he has a vast knowledge of the Acts and legislation regarding Natural Resource Management in South Australia and is fluent in public service speak he has now secured a position writing policy. Mainly water policy. Which is an issue in this state. Just slightly.

He's going to busy.


peppylady said...

I decided to stop on over from Miss R anyhow take care of your self.

The coffee is on over at my blog and when you want to stop on in.

Dave said...

5 rooms finished now. Just one more to do before move day. Can you see the pain on my fingers?

Anonymous said...

I'll be right over peppylady, coffee is exactly what I need.

Well done Dave, 5 rooms! You couldn't pop over here and give me a hand with mine when you're finished...could you? Please?

Dave said...

Last room finished this morning.

Of course I'll pop over - you're paying the travelling expenses, right?

When I said 'pain' in the last comment, I did in fact mean 'paint' - but having tried to scrub it all off, 'pain' is in fact correct.

miss*R said...

we all do it.. push ourselves to do stuff when we are ill.. then we pay the price... put the feet up, make yourself some hot chocolate laced with something if you like, read and do nothing..

enjoy the 'holiday'... and the whiskey :)

hope Tom can come up with some answers and ideas for the water situation.. if he does can he send them to our idiot premier here in NSW... he wants to build a desal plant.. no one else does cept him and his cronies.. stupid politicians.

Dave said...

Surely typing a new blog-post on a keyboard can't be too tiring? Use just one finger if you like.