Friday, August 22

Some nonsense about food

So here we have a 'little' quiz about stuff we've eaten. Feel free to join in if you'd like to, here's what you do......

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.

2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.

3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating. (I can't be bothered with all the HTML in crossing out so I'll just put a little * if I'd never eat it).

4) Optional extra: Post a comment here at linking to your results.

The VGT Omnivore’s Hundred (remember I'm not a meat eater any more but many of these things I've eaten in the past):

1. Venison - No. For reasons entirely my own deer are sacred to me and I would never eat venison.

2. Nettle tea - Yep.

3. Huevos rancheros - I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food, so no.

4. Steak tartare - yes.

5. Crocodile - I have indeed.

6. Black pudding - OMG, yes! YUM!!! I miss it so.

7. Cheese fondue - Yes, I don't see what all the fuss is about. I find it a bit soggy and icky.

8. Carp - Yeah. Meh.

9. Borscht - Yes, I love it.

10. Baba ghanoush - I loathe aubergine.

11. Calamari - Delicious if it's cooked properly.

12. Pho* - No, it's a bit fatty for my taste

13. PB&J sandwich - Of course!

14. Aloo gobi - Indian food is one of my favourites and we are fortunate to live within walking distance of a great Indian restaurant and a short drive from the most fantastic Indian restaurant outside India. So yes, I've eaten aloo gobi

15. Hot dog from a street cart - Not from a street cart, no. I have had hot dogs though and liked them despite the fact I know they're made from arses and eyeballs.

16. Epoisses* - Boozy cheese, what a joy - but sadly, too stinky.

17. Black truffle - Oh yes I have and I want to try the Tasmanian ones.

18. Fruit wine made from something other than grapes - Yes, with varying enjoyment.

19. Steamed pork buns* - Not a fan of pig meat of any kind really.

20. Pistachio ice cream - Yes.

21. Heirloom tomatoes - God yes, the best tomatoes EVER!

22. Fresh wild berries - Hasn't everyone?

23. Foie gras - Look, I have tried it (I spent a lot of time in France a few years back) but I'm not proud of the fact, I kind of object. I'll never eat it again.

24. Rice and beans - Not this kind no, but I'm willing.

25. Brawn or head cheese - Well yes, I'm Scottish, we eat stuff like this. What can I say?

26. Raw Scotch Bonnet pepper* - Despite loving Indian food I don't like too much heat and I really don't eat chilli.

27. Dulce de leche - No, but it's sweet so I'd like it.

28. Oysters - Yes, I like oysters.

29. Baklava - Yes - sweet again.

30. Bagna cauda - Not yet.

31. Wasabi peas - Here's a thing....I don't like (spicy) hot food but I do love horseradish, I haven't had wasabi peas but I do eat wasabi and I would eat these.

32. Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl - Sadly no, but I'd like to (except for the whole being a vegetarian thing).

33. Salted lassi - I love lassi, but don't think I've had salted.

34. Sauerkraut - yes, very nice.

35. Root beer float - Not root beer, no.

36. Cognac with a fat cigar - I've had cognac with a slim cigar - does that count?

37. Clotted cream tea - OH YES!!! But not for a long time - sob - homesick again.

38. Vodka jelly/Jell-O - I really must make this.

39. Gumbo - Probably not the genuine one, but a variation.

40. Oxtail - Soup only, but yes.

41. Curried goat - Yes, goat is very good - I prefer it to lamb, at least I would if I ate meat.

42. Whole insects* - You know, greedy as I am even I draw the line here.

43. Phaal* - Too hot for me.

44. Goat’s milk - Yes.

45. Malt whisky from a bottle worth £60/$120 or more - Absolutely.

46. Fugu* - No, this frightens me.

47. Chicken tikka masala - YUM!

48. Eel* - I just can't.

49. Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut - Yes (thanks Shaun).

50. Sea urchin* - No. Can't.

51. Prickly pear* - Never had the opportunity and not sure I care.

52. Umeboshi - These are the strangest little things, I've had them a couple of times and also tried them during pregnancy because someone told me they were good for morning sickness. A Japanese student of mine used to snack on them all the time. Salty and weird but not revolting. Oh and they did nothing for my morning sickness.

53. Abalone - Yes, Tom went snorkelling one morning when we were at the beach house and he brought me one back (probably illegally). He cooked it up that night in butter and garlic. It was ok. Not unpleasant but once again I don't really see what all the fuss is about.

54. Paneer - Yes, I like this.

55. McDonald’s Big Mac Meal - Oh the shame. Yes, yes I have. Crap food, crap company.

56. Spaetzle - No, I haven't had spaetzle yet.

57. Dirty gin martini - Martini yes, dirty gin martini - I don't think so. Is it better?

58. Beer above 8% ABV - I do believe I have, I recall Tom bringing home a beer and making a great noise over the percentage - it meant nothing to me but the fact I can't remember it may be telling.

59. Poutine - No, I certainly did the chips and gravy in my younger days - usually in the high street at about 3am - but I'm not sure this is appealing to me.

60. Carob chips - Carob - pshaw!!

61. S’mores - No, I hear they're good though.

62. Sweetbreads* - Funny....I don't really fancy these.

63. Kaolin - No, but as a child I used to chew the pink stuff off the heads of matches. I knew I wasn't supposed to because I would hide and do it. I don't think it was related to any strange eating disorder like pica or geophagy I just liked the taste. I don't do it anymore.

64. Currywurst* - Pork again, no.

65. Durian - Nope, never tried it.

66. Frogs’ legs - Yes, many times. Very good they are too.

67. Beignets, churros, elephant ears or funnel cake - Beignets, in France, yes I have.

68. Haggis - Well duh.

69. Fried plantain - No, but I will.

70. Chitterlings, or andouillette* - One word. Pig.

71. Gazpacho - Love it.

72. Caviar and blini - Yes.

73. Louche absinthe - Unfortunately not. And as the modern versions have reduced hallucinogenic qualities I won't bother. But if they ever bring back the thujone.......

74. Gjetost, or brunost - No I haven't tried this.

75. Roadkill* - I'd have to be pretty hungry.

76. Baijiu - No. It sounds.....interesting.

77. Hostess Fruit Pie - Fruit pies....many, Hostess? No.

78. Snail - Yes. Not keen, can't get the snailiness out of my head.

79. Lapsang souchong - Yes. Not a favourite though.

80. Bellini - Now you're talking.

81. Tom yum - Yep.

82. Eggs Benedict - Love these.

83. Pocky - You know I have had these....Japanese student again.

84. Tasting menu at a three-Michelin-star restaurant. - Not a degustation no.

85. Kobe beef - No.

86. Hare - No. In Celtic mythology hares represent the Goddess. Eating them just seems wrong.

87. Goulash - Sure.

88. Flowers - Yes.

89. Horse - No.

90. Criollo chocolate - So much chocolate, so little time.

91. Spam - It's been a long time but yes. Again with the arses and eyeballs.

92. Soft shell crab - Not soft shell no.

93. Rose harissa* - No. Hot. Yikes!

94. Catfish* - No. Too whiskery.

95. Mole poblano - Guacamole but no others.

96. Bagel and lox - Yup! Yum!

97. Lobster Thermidor - Yes.

98. Polenta - Yes, we have this occasionally. I'm indifferent to polenta.

99. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee - Oooooh yes. I love coffee nearly as much as chocolate especially this one.

100. Snake - I haven't. But for some reason given the choice between snake and eel I'd rather eat snake. I don't know why.

Well now you know some more stuff about me. Fascinating and enigmatic aren't I?

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