Friday, August 1


Outside - cold, freezing cold. Hail. Thunder and lightening. Inside - warm, big crackling fire.

Despite the cold outside there is a bottle of Sparkling Burgundy chilling in the fridge - it's our wedding anniversary today so we shall have a glass tonight and sit in wonder that we have survived another year.

Then we will have another glass to celebrate Tom's new job. YES! A new job!! More about that next week. But for now I will say he is delighted.

This Sunday we have a special mass at the school. The girls each have a part in the mass and this is Aislin's first official school mass, she's thrilled to be carrying the eucharist candle to Father John. I shall take photos. This mass is being held in the school hall instead of the church because it's a special celebration for the school being (amost) The Feast of St Dominic (it's a Dominican school). So I should be safe enough from divine bolts of lightening as I enter (something I'm always wary of when entering the real church - so far so good, but you just never know). Who says I never have any fun.

Tomorrow I start my 'Simplify Your Life week' jobs with some decluttering and reorganising. I shall share, in tedious detail I'm sure, how that goes.


Cathy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding anniversary...sometimes we take them for granted but they should really be celebrated! And congrats on hubby's new job - can't wait to hear all about it!

Leanne said...

Congratulations Caitlin and Mr caitlin! Today is also my sons 21st birthday!!

Leanne x

miss*R said...

it is damn cold here too! snowing somewhere close I think. Nothing like a warm fire with a glass of something to celebrate that anniversary
Have a wonderful anniversary xo

Dave said...

Sorry I wasn't here yesterday. the Chinese blocked me. Belated congratulations.