Wednesday, August 6

On my desk

Today, 'on my desk' is brought to you from the dining room table. This flu has finally peaked unpleasantly and add to that last night's insomnia* I'm not feeling up to sitting in the office today, so I've brought the laptop to the table - it's warmer here. I went back to bed for an hour after Tom and the girls left this morning and I'm heading back there again shortly. I'm not good for much else today.

I did consider blogging from my bed or the sofa but decided against it. It's a precedent I don't want to set.

It's quite nice sitting here, listening to the crackling fire and looking out of the window, watching the torrential rain**. If I didn't feel like death warmed up I might actually be enjoying myself.

So on my 'desk' today all I have is tea and tissues (and a few random papers in the background there)....

..did you notice it's the big, ugly 'comfort' mug today again? Whenever you see that mug know that things aren't quite right.

My busybody book diary - a wonderful thing with a column for each family member, very handy and I highly recommend it if you need to keep track of more than one person or project.

Fortunately (and unusually) we have a very quiet week .... although I could be working hard on any number of things, there is nothing so pressing that I can't rest and recuperate. Which is just as well really.

*I have previously mentioned that I suffer from insomnia from time to time. The last two nights I have been wide awake in the early hours. It's not nice. I did however manage to show some restraint and did not hurt my sleeping husband (as suggested in that post I linked to***).

**In the first 4 days of August we had more rain than we had in all of August and September last year. Fingers crossed it keeps up.

***Clumsy grammar. I'm sick and I'm tired. Try to ignore it.


Dave said...

On this day, two years ago, my house flooded. So if it starts raining today I shall send it Down Under immediatelly.

Z said...

I like climsy grammar myself in a blog. It's what comes out when we write as we think, after all. I hope you feel better soon. Bed's the best place.