Tuesday, August 5

Now...where was I? **Updated**

It's back to business as usual now that I have dealt with numerous computer problems. I have disabled my phishing filter and everything is working well again. I can't tell you how distressing I find it when I have computer problems, which is a sad reflection on how attached I am to this object and my beloved internet.

I mentioned last week that the girls each had a part to play in a school mass on Sunday, Aislin in particular was really looking forward to it because it was the first one she'd been involved in since starting school so she was quite excited to have the special role of holding the candle for Father John. However, she was coughing all night on Saturday and woke on Sunday with a raging temperature. As did I. Tom suggested that Aislin and I stay at home and he would take Hannah to mass (she had a reading). Aislin had an apoplexy at this, she did not want to miss her opportunity to play a part, so in the end we dosed her up with children's panadol and we all went off to mass. She performed her role perfectly - here is the evidence.....looks tricky doesn't it?

This was all I could show because there were so many identifying signs and notices in the photo* and while I air all kinds of dirty laundry on this blog I draw the line at advertising my childrens' school. Not because I distrust my blog friends, just in case some crazy internet stalker type is secretly reading.

Aislin and I are still ill, she's been home from school for two days now, even though she was desperate to go today because she is supposed to be a lion in a short circus performance this afternoon. I'm not sure how it will go because half the school is down with this flu. On Sunday there were 13 members of the choir missing, yesterday 12 from Hannah's class were off sick. It's extremely unpleasant and I could happily rip my own head off to alleviate the throbbing.

So that's it for today, join me tomorrow for 'On My Desk' and on Thursday I'll tell you all about Tom's new job.

*I've now blurred out the offending lettering and cropped it to avoid other children in the photo, not having permission to plaster them all over the internet and all.


Dave said...

Couldn't you just black out signs in this photo we can't see anyway?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've actually done that now, not that it matters because I still haven't been able to upload it.

I also had to vigorously crop it to avoid other children in the picture. I don't like including other peoples' children in my photos without their permission. Some people are (understandably) touchy about that.

How are you feeling Dave?

Dave said...

A little better, thank you. The worst of the pain usually only lasts 2 or 3 days, and then the stone moves on to wider tubes. The healing process takes up to 6 months, mind you, by which time, on recent form, another one will have started.

Anonymous said...

If I were closer I'd pop round with a nice chick pea casserole some fruit salad.

Anonymous said...

That should be AND some fruit salad, I don't put fruit salad in the chick pea casserole.