Saturday, August 9

She lives!! (Updated)

Yes! Here I am! Returned! Special thanks to Leanne for the fabulous remedies she posted on her blog - were it not for them I may still be abed (no, not really they were repugnant). I stuck to the traditional treatments (as did she) and I am beginning to recover. I just had to get back here so I wouldn't have to read any more of Dave's impatient comments. He is quite exasperated by feeble constitution.

I've had an interesting few days, the highlight was Thursday night which found me lying in front of TWO heaters, wearing several layers of clothing and a jacket and scarf, shivering uncontrollably convinced I was freezing to death. There is a lot about that evening I don't remember, however I do vaguely recall Hannah examining me carefully for a moment, before covering me with a blanket and heading off to the kitchen to make herself and Aislin some dinner. She did a fine job for an 8 year old, spaghetti on toast followed by fruit and yoghurt. She even packed the dishwasher afterwards. Bless her little heart.

This has been a particularly unpleasant virus that arrives suddenly with some basic cold type symptoms, then ramps itself up a few days later just when you think you should be feeling better. The school is under siege with it all, in Aislin's class 11 children were sent home in one day. A couple of the littlies have been briefly hospitalised. It's nasty.

Anyway, apart from a lingering cough and congestion and the general feeling of recently having been hit by a train I am ok. However, I have unfortunately had to cancel my appearance in Beijing* - just not up to it.

*that is the first and only time you will see any reference to the you-know-whats. I have no interest in them and my boycott is personal and almost totally political and not open to discussion. I do not have any intention of explaining myself or getting into a debate about it. If this offends you in any way I quite understand that you may wish to depart this blog and perhaps we'll see you again after the games if you choose to return.

Thanks to Leanne for the olympic button.


Leanne said...
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Leanne said...

sorry that removed post was me! (appalling typing. lol, must need more tea!) i'll try again!....

glad you are feeling better Caitlin, I am on the mend too now :-)
I am boycotting the Olympics too, my own small ploitical protest at China's appalling human rights record and treatment of tibet.

I made myself a small banner, at top of my blog. feel free to copy it!!

leanne x

Dave said...

Britain won a gold medal in the cricket in the 1900 you-know-what's. France came second. I don't know where Australia were.

I just knew that with my encouragement you'd soon be feeling better.

Caitlin said...

Thanks Leanne, your banner is on my blog. :-)

Hello Dave, I don't know how Australia did in the 1900 games, I wasn't living here then so didn't follow too closely. And thank you for your curative comments, they made all the difference.

Leanne said...

ive added the Tibet button to mine as well Caitlin, and a similiar anti-Olympic message too! bloggers unite!! :-)

Leanne x

Caitlin said...

That's fantastic Leanne!

Yes, let us all turn our backs and stand in silent protest.

Z said...

Dave's a bit jealous because you had real flu and not mere manflu, to which you are, of course, immune.

Glad you're on the mend, do take it easy for several weeks, won't you? It takes a long time to get over a bug like that.

Caitlin said...

'Manflu' ha ha ha ha ha!

Thank you Z, yes I shall rest easy while I recover.