Thursday, August 21

Oh for heaven's sake.....and some little boats

Yesterday I went to the doctor on a completely unrelated matter and she informed me that my fluey virus had now developed into a secondary bacterial infection of the upper respitory tract ....oh and I have sinusitis too. Nice. However I now have some antibiotics (sigh) and I'm sure I'll be fit as a fiddle in a few days. It does explain why I've been feeling so utterly miserable. Good to know there was a curable reason.

Tom was with me (well in the waiting room, I don't actually need anyone to accompany me into the doctor's surgery) because we were going to pick up the girls from school afterwards. For some reason they get a tremendous thrill when both of us arrive to collect them so we've been doing that all week. Anyway after the doctor we had some time kill and it was a sunny day (the first in weeks) so we decided to take a walk around a nearby lake.

When we got there I noticed a group of people standing by the water with little boxes in their hands, as we got closer I realised they had remote control boats and were sailing them on the lake. It all looked rather serious as a couple of them had clipboards and self-important expressions (the people not the boats). Anyway, the little yachts were beautiful. Once again please excuse the photos, they were taken on my mobile phone as I was not anticipating a walk so hadn't brought the camera. My mobile doesn't have zoom so they are a bit distant but try to imagine a peaceful stillness, broken only by birdsong and the sound of tiny waves lapping on the shore as these little boats cut swiftly through the water.

Aren't they lovely? Here's another lonely little yacht making it's silent way back to its owner.

And another, just having a little rest.

Look at those blue skies - it was absolutely freezing though, today the rain is back and outside is dark and grey (but I'm still not complaining - keep it coming I say!).


Pam said...

I've enjoyed visiting. Good luck with your tax, and if it gets a bit much, I think another walk with that lovely scenery should take the pressure off a bit.It looks so peaceful.

Z said...

We used to have remote control boats when the children were still of an age to do things with us.

Some years ago I got a nasty chest infection and I can't remember feeling so ill as that. My sincere sympathies. I'm sure the antibiotics will kick in soon, but I found that it left a weakness for a couple of years - that is, every time I was ill it went to my lungs - so please take care and don't do too much too soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam, yes I think I may need to walk there a bit more often - did you recognise the place?

Thanks Z, I will try to take it easy, the antibiotics are helping a bit now and I'm fighting the urge to pick up that paint roller again :-). At least not for a few more days.

Ces said...

Oh those are a lot of fun. I always wanted to play with remote control toys. Sometimes I played with the children's toys more than they did. I think it's wonderful for parents to drop off and collect their children together from school and other events if they can.My husband and I tried to do that when the children were in grade school and it got to the point that their classmates ran towards us too and gave me a hug, so I hugged them back. The children are now teen and preteen and when my husband and I attended an orientation program in middle school, some girls walked over to me and said "Hello Em's mom. Hi Mrs. C, do you remember us?" I looked at them and smiled because I did. Now I just got here and started rambling like a crazy woman, we have not even met. Hello!

miss*R said...

don't forget to take lots of garlic... a natural antibiotic!!
thyme and honey tea with little black pepper is good too..

and thankyou so much for the comment on today's post xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Ces and welcome! I find the same thing with the girls friends, in fact one little girl always sidles up to me and slips her little hand into mine - it's so lovely.

Thanks Robyn, Tom is home on holiday and doing all the cooking and he's put garlic in EVERYTHING! I didn't know about the thyme and honey tea though - I'll try that today. Still raining your way? Pouring here. Hope you're ok at this sad time.