Friday, November 7

Friday Fever

Woohoo! It's Friday!! The weekend! I'm delighted. We're having Sushi for dinner tonight, then when the girls have gone to bed Tom and I will relax, perhaps watch movie and have another glass of wine (to follow the one we'll have with the Sushi).

There is only one little blot on the otherwise crystal clear horizon that is my weekend and that is....... The Pageant. I hate the Pageant. Some of you may remember this post from last year. I like the idea and I love doing that kind of stuff with the girls but for me, with 'the phobia' and the whole having-to-get-up-while-it's-still-dark-drive-35k-then-sit-waiting-for-4-hours-with-a-bunch-of-clowns-tormenting-me, I'm frankly not keen. I don't know what to do. The girls want to go, they're not making a fuss which kind of makes it worse. I feel like the worst the mother in the world for even contemplating not taking them. Also, if we decide to go I'm going to have to spend a considerable amount of time this evening packing provisions and chairs and entertainment into the car (you need something to do during the LONG wait). I just don't know if I can take it in my already fragile emotional state. Tom suggested we go every second year, but since we didn't tell them that it seems a pity to spring that plan on them now.

Am I being selfish? Probably.

It's not like it's the only Pageant they'll go to, there is the small local one which they are actually participating in, but it is small. And kind of lame compared to THE PAGEANT!!!! I personally prefer the small one because parking is easier, there are loads of cafes open because it's not 6am and one year Santa was drunk. So cool. And funny. What? The kids didn't know, they just thought he was slapstick-falls-over-a-lot-Santa. They liked him.

Then of course there's the other thing about The Pageant. It officially marks the start of 'The Christmas Season'. It's just something else to fill me with woe because you see....and now I'm really opening a can of worms, but here goes......I don't like Christmas. There I said it. I have my own reasons for not liking it which I may talk about at some point but the fact is I could happily do without it. For me it is utterly meaningless. Bah humbug.

However I have children, they love it and they want to go to The Pageant....come full circle haven't we?

Tomorrow's post may or may not have a photo of a clown and perhaps one of me being administered oxygen...or Last of the two.


Dave said...

I could swear you said you're eating sush!

You can't start the Christmas season in November. Apart from anything else, you have to get through Advent first. Tell the kids it's illegal to start too soon.

Anonymous said...

Dave, you're a genius!! Hannah has been lecturing me about Advent (Catholic school - what can you do?) so I'll try that.

Did I say Sush? Or is it that dodgy eye of yours?

Dave said...

I think I read the last i upside down, as an !

Cathy said...

Just read your post from last year...funny...but obviously not funny for you!

Must admit, I'm a big kid - I LOVE Christmas!

Z said...

My heartfelt sympathy, whatever you do.

Dave said...

Surely it must be Saturday by now?