Monday, November 17

What was I thinking?

I have to say it....I'm over NaBloPoMo....over it!!!! Clearly I am not a daily posting kind of girl, I'm a nearly every day...or most days....or the days I actually have something to say kind of girl. It seems ridiculous to post when I actually have to sit and think of something to say or just say something pointless to fill the page! I'm busy and it's annoying me and I have a headache and I have to stop the work I'm doing right now and go and cook dinner and I don't want to because I have to finish this work and I really need to keep going (but oh guess what? I also have a bloody blog post to write!).

But I'm also a stubborn kind of girl and I will not be beaten by this.

End of rant.

In other news Aislin went back to school today, there was some conferencing with her teacher and the school principle and some little adjustments had to be made to allow for her giant foot but it all worked out and she was happy to get back and frankly I was happy to see her happy....because I know she has been bored at home and she hasn't complained once. In fact the only time she said something about being incapacitated (not a complaint, just a comment) she followed it up with 'but it's my own fault for jumping off the chair' and I, nor anyone else, had actually said that to her so she worked it out for herself. However, she is only five and five year olds don't always understand about consequences do they? At least not until it's too late.

Hopefully I'll be in a better mood tomorrow...see there's the other problem with normal circumstances if I'm grumpy or stressed or tired or busy or likely to say something I'll regret I just don't post....but with NaBloPoMo there is no such opportunity for restraint!

And it's goodnight from me.


Dave said...

Never mind. If you don't post some days, I'll still come round here and complain.

Anonymous said...

I knew I could rely on you Dave.

Z said...

Would it be cheating to write a couple of extra posts when you feel like it and save them as drafts for busy days? Or post a photo - not unknown for me to resort to that.

Such is the Power of Dave that I write pretty well every day. He might give me one of his looks, otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Yes Z, I think that's what I will do and there may be the occasional photo post :-)

Dave is quite...ahem...'encouraging' isn't he? He comes over here and nags me.