Saturday, November 29

More pageantry

Last night we attended the local Christmas Pageant. The girls were participating with their school. Their theme was 'Summer' or something and they had to dress in hula skirts and wear Leis and flowers in their hair, despite the fact it was freezing cold and raining intermittently and really not very summery at all.

The girls looked sweet (if a little strained, they're wearing so many layers they can hardly move).....

....but 'horse man' was just weird and creepy.

There are more photos but with my dodgy internet connection I'm not willing to risk it.

Today we are resting, it's been a busy week with one thing and another and I think I see a lot of lazing around in the immediate future.


Cathy said...

The girls are gorgeous! And yes, the horse head man is a little creepy!!

Dave said...

Very Christmassy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cathy, I think they're gorgeous too....perhaps not so much tonight though...overtired and cranky as they are.

Well Dave, I suppose it's Christmassy for Australia and it breaks the monotony a bit, it would get a little tedious watching 30 floats of the holy family, angels, Santas and reindeer.