Saturday, November 22

Is it bedtime yet?

Well I haven't stopped all day and I'm exhausted. This morning they were fed, dressed and entertained for hours, we made paper bag puppets and had a competition for the best collage monster then I made a tuna pasta sauce and gave them it with pasta dinosaurs for lunch, they ate that and some fruit for dessert while I cleaned up the mess from all the craft.

Then Tom took over for an hour while I went and did the shopping and as I came back he left (it was planned, he wasn't running away at least I don't think he's running away - he assured me we'd planned this). I bathed the youngest (Lachlan) and cleaned up the toilet (don't ask), unpacked the shopping, made popcorn (real popcorn not microwave) and prepared apple juice drinks for all (no, I didn't squeeze the apples) and put on a movie for them (cheating I know). Then I set the chicken drumsticks to marinade, cut and seasoned potatoes to make wedges, put a load of washing on and unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it with yet more dirty dishes.

I made myself a cup of tea and a piece of toast (it's 5pm and I haven't had lunch) and came through here, heaved a sigh and started to write this post and......Hannah came in and said 'Mummy, the movie is finished'. I looked at her for a moment, looked at my tea and toast, looked at my half written blog post and said 'want to watch another one?'. So off she went and put another movie on (don't judge me, I don't care). I turned back to the computer and heard a little voice saying 'oh no, not again'. Let's just say the youngest is back in the bath and I'm about to go and clean the toilet again. His aim really isn't very good at all today.

We do this child swap regularly (I've mentioned it before) and usually it's no trouble at all, the kids all get on well and pretty much entertain each other. They are, on the whole, polite, well mannered, undemanding children, however for some reason this time is testing me. Admittedly I'm doing most of it alone because Tom had other obligations this weekend (so he says) but even that doesn't usually worry me - I may not be the most domesticated woman on the planet but I'm actually quite capable (despite the way it may appear if you read this blog). Just not this weekend.

Anyway, tomorrow we are having a birthday afternoon tea when the boys' parents come to pick them up, Oliver, the oldest boy will be 7 on Monday and my birthday is on Tuesday so it's party sausage rolls and fairy bread (ick!) all round.

That's assuming I last the night.

And Dave if you point out any typos or spelling/grammatical errors today I'm going to jump in that teleport and come right over there and punch you on the nose. Or leave the children with you.


Dave said...

I'm sure I didn't notice any mistakes.

I did notice the subtle mention of your birthday. As I shall be 12 hours late in arriving here on that day, may I offer you my best wishes for the day slightly in advance?

The card's in the teleport.

Anonymous said...

Certainly Dave, you may offer me birthday wishes any time from now until...well about next Friday really. I do have a policy of continuing to accept birthday wishes after the event.

I hope the card doesn't go the way of the wedding invitation.

Z said...

I have no idea how mothers managed before television.