Thursday, November 6

Oh God is it only day 6? and 'on my desk' (late)

Still raids but I'm pretty sure some notes have been added to my already bulging ASIO file.

Well I'm loving this NaBloPoMo...ahem...nothing gets a girl through the day like the irritating, nagging, little thought that you haven't done today's post yet (I blame you for this Cathy). In my 'excitement' yesterday (wow! sarcasm twice already) I forgot all about On My Desk Wednesday!! What an oversight! The only guaranteed blog fodder I have all week and I forgot about it!

Here it is.

On my desk today I have... Mini Sharpies...I'm a stationery addict and these feed my habit....

....a magnifying glass......because I HATE wearing my reading glasses and want to pretend I don't need them.....

....and an Alumni membership card.

Ooh, this is like a game isn't it? Like those I spy books. 'What does this all mean?' I hear you ask. What strange project is she undertaking that requires these items?

Yeah, well sorry....nothing. They have no relevance except that they have been used sometime in the past week and no-one has put them away. Because the truth is that on my desk today there is no work, there are no projects and nothing of the remotest interest to anyone. Sorry.

This is an insult to the great institution that is 'On My Desk'. and will go down in history as the lamest post of my blogging career.

Which reminds me, speaking of careers...I'm a bit disappointed that there haven't been more suggestions for my future. Dave came up with a marvelous idea that I should become a navigator on a starship. This appealed to me enormously (I love Sci Fi) but in the end I just can't do the tight spacesuit I'm afraid.

So come on, what else is there...there will be prizes....ok, there won't be prizes but I need all the help I can get.


Dave said...

If you were the navigator on the Nostromo, you'd get away with baggy combat trousers and t-shirts.

Unfortunately an Alien would get you in the end.

Anonymous said...

Yes that might be better and as for the didn't get Ripley, it won't get me.

Also, I quite fancy operating one of those robotic loaders.

Dave said...

There you are then: robotic loader is your new career.

I've seen on a couple of programmes on TV recently exoskeletons that people are producing, mainly to enable folk to lift heavy weights, so the day isn't far off.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I wonder if there's some kind of training course I should be taking in preparation?

Moyra said...

I don't comment without prizes.

Cathy said...

lol sorry! hee hee...I know exactly what you mean though - I have been getting my posts in close to midnight past few nights, and if it wan't for NaBloPoMo I wouldn't have posted at all - because I'm too tired!! Why am I forcing myself to do this? If I was being paid for it or something, that would be different...but I'm not!