Sunday, November 16

Tweeting & Treats

Today I have been playing around on Facebook and Twitter, it's all part of the world that is my 'business' but I have to say it's taken me a while to work out exactly what I'm supposed to do with these things. People kept telling me it was the 'big thing' and it would increase my business ten-fold. Well, I don't know about that but yesterday I put one short comment on Twitter and within a few hours 5 new people started 'following' my posts there. Whether that ultimately increases business remains to be seen.

The other parts of today have been uninteresting, just general Sunday stuff, tidying, preparing for the week, ironing etc. All pretty humdrum really.

I did, however, find a box of Milk Tray had mysteriously arrived under my pillow....did the chocolate faery come? And what did I do to deserve such a treat? I don't know but although I am delighted (ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED I TELL YOU!!!) I'm also slightly worried because my clothes are allergic to chocolate - it makes them shrink.

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Dave said...

Ah, the teleport machine is working then.

Anonymous said...

It was you? Well thank you Dave - they're my did you know?