Sunday, November 2


Well it's NaBloPoMo again and this year I'm participating. I don't know if that is a particularly spectacular announcement because I've been posting just about every day lately anyway. However, I'm committed and this month will go from just about every day to every single day. I was reminded of this annual event by Cathy and I love a bandwagon so I had no hesitation on jumping on this one. I'd sort of intended to do it last year but (conveniently) forgot. So this year it is.

It will be interesting to see how many posts I will actually fill with nonsense about participating in NaBloPoMo. I'll try not to do that. Honest.

Today dawned dark and gloomy. There was a thunder storm this morning and intermittent rain since then (God, I'm even starting to sound like a weather girl). It has not been a day for going outside really and it was the same yesterday so everyone has a touch of cabin fever and we are all, frankly, a bit crabby. It doesn't help that I'm still feeling the after effects of last week's migraine. Inspired by Z I am going to stock up on migraine relief just in may be years before I have another so I guess I'd better watch the 'use by' dates.

I'm spending a lot of time today on stand by near the computer waiting for updates on the latest addition to the family. No, no more babies...not human ones anyway. My sister has a new kitten, a lovely little part Bengal girl...I won't give any more details as I don't think the name is confirmed yet and it's really not my news to give, but if my sister grants permission I will post a photo soon.

I think I might go and suggest to Tom and the girls that we take a walk. None of us really mind walking in rainy weather (in fact I love it) and it might be good to get out for a while (and will give me some fodder for tomorrow's post).


miss*R said...

plus fresh air is good for you!
have you ever tried homoeopathy remedies for your headaches?

solsticedreamer said...

we had a day of complete rain yesterday with spooky visiting with new bf, plus i baked two, yes two pumpkin pies so today is be gentle day and i am going to have another walk round to mums with some pie for them~i really need some fresh air and i hope its cold out there!!!

Cathy said...

Good luck with NaBloPoMo...I'm already tired and I have only reached day 2 lol!

Dave said...

Having been away from my computer yesterday at some family event, I've blown my chances, despite having written 365 posts every year for the last 4.

Anonymous said...

I do use Homeopathy for other things Robyn, but the migraines are so rare that I've never done anything about them really. It will probably be years before I have another.

Lee all this talk of pumpkin pies is causing me to crave one. I might have to make one next weekend.

Hi Cathy, yes, you've got rather a lot on your plate...I don't mind posting I just hope I have enough stuff WORTH posting ha ha!

Dave, it would be completely redundant for you to join up....your posting is prolific and there is no need for such nonsense (nonsense refers to NaBloPoMo not your posting - although that's sometimes nonsense a good way).

Oh and I'm looking forward to hearing all about the big day...there must be at least 3 posts in that surely?