Wednesday, November 12

On my desk

I am a complete on my desk failure as once again there is nothing of great interest.

I have moved the laptop from the office to the dining room table so that I can (hopefully) get on with some work while Aislin plays - it seemed cruel to shut myself away in the office leaving her all alone. This way she can see me and chat to me and I can keep going - that's the theory anyway.

I've been juggling appointments so my diary and appointment cards are here....

And some entertainment for the invalid.....

I am also messing with the online component of my business, writing a report and uploading an 'sign up' box to website.

But really all I want is to be lying here sipping a Daiquirí with not a child, appointment book or laptop in sight.


Dave said...

Lying on your desk is, I find, so uncomfortable.

solsticedreamer said...

hope she is feeling better!
as for you well just lay back for a bit and imagine that beach :)