Sunday, November 9


So last night when I posted the children had gone to bed and I was going to have a glass of wine and perhaps watch a movie. What I hadn't mentioned was that earlier that evening there had been an incident in which Aislin, feeling exuberant, had leapt from an armchair onto the floor. Now there were three problems with this 1) leaping from the furniture is strongly discouraged in this house (but she's 5 years old and they do love to leap) 2) this particular armchair temporarily held all the coats and jackets and various odds and ends from the pageant adventure that I had just unpacked from the car and 3) Aislin had left a piece of cellophane on the floor after unwrapping something a moment before. As she leapt her foot caught on a jacket and she fell awkwardly, this was exacerbated by the piece of cellophane on the wooden floor upon which she then slipped. Then the screaming began, Hannah ran out of the front door at this point - she hates it when anyone hurts themself and often runs off in distress.....I hope she doesn't consider a career in nursing.

Anyway, afer much calming down of the hysterical Aislin (while Tom fetched Hannah back) I iced and elevated the foot and administered some Childrens' Panadol. She was in some pain and there was a little swelling and the start of a bruise, she couldn't walk on it very well but she said it was ok and a some time later went off to bed quite happy.

Then I did my blog post, I didn't mention the incident because frankly if I blogged every little accident my children had there would be hardly a day without an injury report, there's always someone bumping their head or falling over or scratching themselves on a bush. I'm told it's normal. Also, I was very distracted by that clown.

So anyway.....they were in bed, I'd dutifully done my blog post so I settled down with a movie and my wine ready for a relaxing hour or so with my feet up. About an hour later Aislin came hopping through in tears, the pain in her foot had woken her up, I looked at the foot, it looked the same, I checked the time, it had been 4 hours since the Panadol so I gave her another dose and she had a drink and fell asleep on my lap. I carried her to bed and she slept soundly for the rest of the night.

This morning she was bright and happy but couldn't put any weight on the foot. It was still swollen and the bruising was more obvious. You can see where this is going can't you? So she and Tom went off and spent some considerable time here....

....and came home with this......

She's broken her foot. This is the temporary cast and we see the specialist on Thursday and he will decide what sort of cast she needs for the rest of her recovery.

She was supposed to be having swimming lessons at school every day this week. Yesterday we went and bought a new swimsuit and goggles. She's devastated. She also thinks the cast is ugly and she refused to be wheeled around in a wheel chair at the hospital.

She has crutches and she doesn't mind long as she's not expected to actually use them. I can just tell this is going to be fun.

I had the presence of mind to do a quick pedicure for her before she left for the hospital, a girl needs some comfort, especially if a bunch of strangers are going to be looking at your feet. The nurses loved her toenails and so does she.

By the way, don't think you're getting out of reading the pageant has only been postponed temporarily.


Dave said...

I feel you should be able to make use of this unexpected daughter-having-to-lie-around incident. Could she address all your Christmas cards, do your tax return, or sort out your photographic collection?

Children should learn at an early age that time is not to be wasted, but put to good use.

Leanne said...

Oh dear, sending Aislin many get well soon wishes

Leanne x

Z said...

I'm not sure that we'd be allowed to have a 'women's and children's hospital' here nowadays. I'm quite sure that if it were labelled 'men's hospital' there would be objections.

Poor Aislin, poor you.

Anonymous said...

Good thinking Dave, nothing wrong with a bit of child labour.

Thanks Leanne, I hope she does get well soon...she's a far from ideal patient!

Z, I think everyone is happier that the women have a hospital of their own to have has complained so far. And yes, after several games of scrabble and a couple of jigsaw puzzles I'm thinking 'poor me' as well - and it's only Day 1.

solsticedreamer said...

poor poor girl...but dave's idea is a good one!

Cathy said...

Oh you poor thing! And poor Aislin of course! Always drama with kids around! They do like to climb and leap don't they?!?!

P.S. I fell off the NaBloPoMo wagon 2 days ago...who was I kidding anyway?! Am so busy and I just fell asleep and woke up after few moments of regret for my failure, but now I'm over it! I did post today though and will try and do so more regularly from now on.

Cathy said...

P.S You now have to carry the NaBloPoMo torch for the both of us (no pressure...) :)

Anonymous said...

I've struggled a couple of times Cathy and thought 'why am I doing this to myself?'.

I'll do my best to keep going for my fallen comrade :-)