Saturday, October 18

I had plans...

...for today. A list of little tasks I intended to complete. It's now 4.30 and I haven't done any of them. I'm not even sure why....just can't get out of my own way for some reason. I had hoped to do some more work on the website, but T is waiting to use the computer now so that's out of the question. I thought I might do some more sewing but it's getting a bit late in the day to start that, the children will be expecting a meal sometime soon and they'd only interrupt me with their demands right in the middle of it I expect. I was going to make hommous, I suppose I could still do that and make the children eat that for dinner - kill two birds with one stone. I had also planned to measure the armchairs and work out how much fabric I'd need to make loose covers for them. I might still do that. Or not.

It's a little hot today, I don't particularly enjoy the heat and it's the first of the warm weather and I think it's thrown me a bit and made me unproductive. However I comfort myself with the fact that in the last couple of weeks I've been really quite busy and achieved lots of things, it can't hurt to not achieve much occasionally. Can it?

Anyway, I think Scarlett had it right..tomorrow is another day (and I look exactly like her as I sit on my grand staircase with my clothes elegantly draped - ahem).


Dave said...

Yes, that's exactly as I imagine you to look.

Anonymous said...

Well that's good then. Because I do you know....look EXACTLY like that. I get some funny looks in school car park but I don't care.