Monday, October 6

A meme of sorts

It's a public holiday here so busy doing some more of the jobs mentioned yesterday. So, a meme ....from Blackbird.

Outside my window my neighbour is fixing his a gale.

Daily rhythm: Up, coffee, cuddling children while we have morning drinks, then whatever the day brings.

I am thankful for too many things to list.

In the kitchen there is a 'to do' list...with quite a few things crossed off! But some still to do.

Breakfast - Toast with marmalade.

Lunch - Soup - homemade vegetable broth.

Supper - Ummm, haven't decided yet - it's only midday after all.

I am wearing - Functional work clothes (remember that 'to do' list? Not all done yet).

I am feeling positive and content today.

Bringing beauty to my home by making things...sewing various soft furnishings. I'm enjoying that.

I am reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel....God it's long. Good. But long.

I am hoping that the rest of the year is better than it has been up until now (have to say, haven't had a fantastic 2008).

Making plans for the future - 2009 in particular. Good plans.


Dave said...

Public holiday? What is it? Don Bradman Day?

Anonymous said...

No, Labour Day.

I can't work out why we don't have a Don Bradman Day - he's had every other honour bestowed upon him.

Dave said...

A day off work to celebrate labouring? That makes sense.