Saturday, October 25

Today's weather observations

I'm a bit obsessed with the weather, particularly when it's hot because I don't like it being hot so I spend a lot of time waiting and watching for the cool change (which in the height of summer can be a long wait). I was quite outraged to hear that we were to have high temperatures this weekend, after all, it's only October! I am still traumatised by the heatwave we had back in March that caused Tom to replace our old air conditioner on short notice and right at the end of summer - the beginning of Autumn actually.

So, I woke today full of dread of the 37 degrees we'd been told to expect. It has been hot, I'm not sure it got to 37 degrees though. Instead we have grey, overcast skies and blustery hot winds. There is a change coming but so far we just have the clouds....not the cool breezes or the's looking hopeful though...

That's us down the bottom covered in cloud, we're in there somewhere. Thanks to the BOM for the image.

I finally finished my book today. I've been reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (by Sussana Clarke). It's a big book, 800+ pages in small print. I'm a quick reader but that one has taken me ages because I've only been reading in bed at night. I notice that it can be purchased in it's 3 volumes, my copy is from the library and one great, massive 3 in 1 tome it is too, very difficult to read lying in bed (aching arms). I was always worried that I'd doze off and it would fall on my face and break my nose....seriously, it's that big.

So, did I like it? Yes I did. I have to admit that that I was just coasting along with it for the first few chapters, it's an unusual book and her writing style takes a bit of getting used to - she uses footnotes, not something you come across often in a novel, and in the beginning I found them a bit distracting. However once I was hooked I enjoyed the novel, it's very detailed, covering a lot of ground and very cleverly and wittily written. The story is set between 1806 and 1817 and is about two English magicians, teacher and pupil, and their varying adventures (Strange provides magic during the Napoleonic Wars serving with Wellington) and their ambitions and rivalries as they attempt to revive 'English magic'. That description barely covers the story but it will give you an idea. She's a wonderfully descriptive writer and I particularly liked her descriptions of magic and the faery world - these are not your Victorian faeries by the way, there are no frilly, gossamer winged creatures here. In this book magic and the faery world are a much darker and more serious business than in some other books in this genre (excuse the clumsy grammar in that last sentence).

Anyway, I hadn't intended to turn this into a book review, I don't do those - not here anyway, but there you have it, a snapshot of my opinion of this book. Do I recommend it? If you enjoy your historical fantasy with a bit of meat on it's bones then yes, yes I do.


solsticedreamer said...

oh hello from a chilly new forest! thank you for visiting my blog and of course i had to come by here!
what a wonderful blog~i have been reading bck a few posts so i think will have to go back to the begining!

Dave said...

I think it's about 37 degrees here too.

f that is.

Cathy said...

wow, it was hot here too...but not that hot! But I must admit I am enjoying the warmer weather...

P.S. That book sounds way too heavy for me lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Solstice Dreamer, welcome! I had an email from Kathyann and she mentioned you so I had to pop in and see your blog!

Dave, people don't believe me when I say I'd prefer 37F, but it's true! I have a Scottish thermostat and I don't cope with anything over 25C.

Hi Cathy, it's heavy alright, at least 2kgs hee hee.