Saturday, October 4


..nothing interesting ('is there ever?' I hear you ask). Only cleaning, tidying, organising and sorting. I love organising and sorting and today it was my office that got the special treatment. Not finished yet, but it feels different, and better, already.

I also did some cooking, which, you may recall, I don't enjoy doing at all (don't follow that second link Dave, it's the needle-in-eyes post that upset your sore point).

Tom is now mowing the lawns and trying to finish before nightfall so he can call it done and not have to get the mower out again tomorrow.

The girls put on a combination puppet show/play for us this afternoon, about 15 minutes in they admitted they hadn't planned the story, it was all ad lib and they had no idea where the plot was going. After some gentle encouragement to keep going but for the love of God not too long (I didn't really say that - not to their faces anyway) there was another 15 minutes of aimlessness and it all ended happily ever after. Thank goodness.

Now we're going to settle in for evening, watch something entertaining (I hope) and eat that soup I made. Assuming it's edible. There's no guarantee and seeing as I burnt the first batch it's touch and go really.

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Dave said...

Mmmm... soup.