Friday, October 24

It's Friday!

My favourite day of the week.

Tom is on a field trip today so I dropped him off this morning at the pick up point where he'd arranged to meet his colleagues, then I took the girls to school. After that I went and had coffee with another Mum from their school. At her place. For 3 hours. We had a lot to say.

With half my day gone I headed home and on the way stopped at the PO box to check the mail only to find - to my great excitement - a parcel from my sister!!! I came home and tore it apart and found lots of Halloween goodies for the children (we don't really 'do' Halloween in this country so it's a big treat for them to get stuff from America). I got some Reece's peanut butter cups (I will not be sharing) as well as some hand knitted socks (she makes AMAZING socks) and some summer tops. Thanks again M!

I can't take any photos because Tom has the camera with him today. I tried the old camera and can't get it to work - it appears that it has finally died completely.

So as I sit here writing this I realise that I have to go and get the girls in half an hour and I haven't done any of the work that I'd planned to do today. However I'm not going to feel guilty because it's not very often that I shirk my duties by gallavanting about having coffee and collecting parcels. It's also not as if I won't do any work today...I have two children after all.


Dave said...

Don't worry. I'll work twice as hard to keep the world in equilibrium.

Anonymous said...

No Dave...'responsible exercise' .... remember?

Anyway, you're busy waiting for the sofa man today.

Dave said...

I meant twice as hard as a woman.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see, my mistake, how foolish of me.

Z said...

Dave is so sweet when he tries to be provocative.

Cathy said...

sounds like the perfect day :)