Friday, October 17

Just bits and pieces

Quiet day today, just messing around on the computer (I hesitate to mention the 'w' word, but there you have initial). It's warm and sunny and I can feel hay fever coming on. There are a family of Magpies in the tree outside my office window and the babies (not tiny babies, big babies) are still being fed by their mother and she is run off her feet (or flown off her wings) going backwards and forwards with food for them. They've no sooner guzzled it down their throats then they're calling for more. It's a noisy call too. Bet she can't wait until that lot leave home.

Today I also tried using blogger in draft. In 'normal' blogger I am always having to tweak the HTML version to get my posts to look the way I want them to, I had high hopes for BID however it's just as irritating as the original one, more so in some respects, so I've abandoned it.

There is a man erecting a 'For Sale' sign in front of our neighbour's house. I hope it wasn't something I said. Ha, not really, we knew they were selling, they both work in town and apparently they aren't enjoying the commute - that's what they're telling us anyway.

Also today is the day to.....

Support the global call to action and make poverty history. Find an event near you...look here or here. Some events were yesterday so you're too late for those (in case you hadn't realised).

Our school assembly today was dedicated to 'Stand Up'. There has been some fundraising recently but today in assembly two classes (including Hannah's) presented a short film about people living in poverty and gave some information about the background of 'Stand Up' and talked about how we can help. Some children stood in silence holding candles throughout the assembly. Father John read from the gospels (Jesus washing the feet) and he asked the children what that story meant, of course there was a lot of talk from the young ones about dirty feet, wearing sandals and not showering enough. Some older chidlren were able to articulate the idea of being humble enough to wash another's feet but I think most of the little ones just thought Jesus was helping the disciples with their hygiene - and they were all ok with that. One little girl pointed out that her mummy washes her hair for her.

Hannah had the job of carrying the Gospels today. She was thrilled by this and made me promise to put a photo on the blog. Here she is....(she's the short one).


Dave said...

HHee llooookkss jjuusstt lliikkee mmee!!

miss*R said...

don't you just love hayfever?? I am suffering too, although not as bad as last year..
the magpies are busy in my garden too - I love them!

Anonymous said...

Yes he does Dave, I just thought they'd started cloning the clergy.

Hi Robyn, I love them too - they come right up to the back door and have been known to pop in a steal Sophie's food.