Monday, October 27

Just some Monday stuff

Well I'm fully recovered from yesterday's running around and wondering what on an earth I was whining about - it's not the worst thing that's ever happened to me and I should just get over it. Not that this epiphany will stop me whining in future, no siree. In fact it's easy to be philosophical about it as I sit here warm and comfortable with a cup of coffee and nowhere I need to be for another 4 hours.

Anyway, what does today bring? Cold, rain and fog that's what - in other words my idea of heaven. I took a damp walk around the garden and found Hawthorn blossum, very pretty.

Forget Me Nots under the willows...

Lots of lovely they are.

Now I'm back at my desk and about to embark on some proper work. But not before I tell anyone who has children in their life to check out Cathy's new blog Marquee, she's done the shopping around for us and you'll find some great gift ideas for the little ones - and not the usual mass produced plastic crap. Truly lovely stuff - check it out.


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solsticedreamer said...

cold,rain, fog~bliss for me! we have just come into the right season for me here.

Anonymous said...

Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons, I count the days through summer!