Sunday, October 5


Daylight Savings started today. Don't have much to say about that really except I'm all confused and out of sync - but that will pass. Tonight will be a battle to get the girls to go to bed in broad daylight. Happens every year.

We've all been busy doing lots of little jobs around the place, some of those things on the 'list of things to do' that wait patiently (for weeks, sometimes months) to be done. There is rarely time to spend just getting on with them, however, this weekend it's all go at our place.

I even got this out...

No Haute Couture or anything, just some simple 'soft furnishing' type jobs. No complications, plenty of straight lines.

With all this cooking and sewing I'm quite the Domestic Goddess these days.


Dave said...

Oooh, I'm about to make some cushions, and possibly some curtains, but I'm going to have to do my sewing by hand, as I don't have a machine. Can I send the stuff over to you instead?

Anonymous said...

Of course! Send it over! Although I should confess to being a complete amateur so I can't guarantee the quality of the work.

On saying that I'm toying with the idea of attempting loose covers for my armchairs. Could be a big mistake.

I envy you your hand sewing skills though, my hand sewing is an abomination.

Dave said...

What was your teleport number again? I thought I'd bring them myself, and do a bit of painting while you're running up my curtains.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea! How convenient that would be!

Unfortunately my teleport connection is through Telstra...I'm on hold to the call centre (in India) now....apparently my call is important to them :-)