Sunday, October 26


We're currently trying to manage with only one car. Tom's car has been locked and parked and we're pretending we don't have it to see how we go. He gets the bus to work so that's fine, the challenge is when we have clashing engagements at the weekends.

Today Aislin had a birthday party to attend. Tom and Hannah stayed home and my plan was to drop Aislin off then go and have a coffee and stock up on books at the library until it was time to pick her up. I had just left her and was heading for my favourite cafe when Tom rang to say he'd had a phone call and had to be somewhere for work (unexpectedly). So I abandoned my plans and came home and picked him (and Hannah) up and dropped him where he had to be and Hannah and I went for coffee. She had a hot chocolate and a Funny Face biscuit as compensation for a) not having a party to go to today and b) being dragged away from her beading to do all this running around. As you can see she was devastated.

I did wonder if hot chocolate AND a Funny Face biscuit was too much but I figured that Aislin would be on a bender at the birthday party so they might as well have twin sugar highs. And they'll be at school tomorrow so it won't be me dealing with the sugar hangovers.

Then she and I went to the library. I sent her into the children's section to get some books for her and Aislin. I was browsing the grown up books and she came up to me struggling with the library bag, it was so full of books she could barely lift it. Then we went and collected Aislin from her party and now we're home.....waiting for Tom to ring so we can all pile into the car again and go and get him.

I'm not sure how this will work, to be fair we've been doing it for a couple of months now and this is the first time we've had a problem but it really is a pain the backside for the person doing all the running around...ME!


Dave said...

Which photo was of you, and which one your daughter?

Cathy said...

that cafe looks like a nice place to hang out! i'm sure your daughter's teacher will thank you for the sugar hangover lol...i'm one to talk, I let my boys eat lollies and chocolate to their heart's content today at my niece's birthday party!
The car situation sounds like a pain! I would have complained earlier lol

Z said...

We mostly managed with one car for several years, but since my mother lived next door, we could always call on hers for emergencies. Now, it would infuriate us both only to have one car. Although I use mine as little as possible, when I need it I really need it, and the Sage goes out several times a day. Sometimes, it's even for something that matters...

Anonymous said...

Hard to tell isn't Dave, I get asked that question all the time. :-)

It was a nice cafe Cathy, in the end there was little evidence of sugar overload and this morning they're quite happy so I think all is well.

Hi Z, I don't think it will be too bad, as I said this is the first time we've had a problem since we started the 'trial' a few months ago so we'll see how it goes. Tom's car was only being used once or twice a week at the most, and in most of those situations he could have taken my car because it wasn't being used but just sort of automatically jumped into his own. We just wonder if a little inconvenience occasionally is a small price to pay for reducing our carbon footprint (and our car expenses) significantly.

miss*R said...

(see, I knew if I blogged about how I was feeling & what I was thinking, then I would receive some wise words - thankyou!!! - it is so much better than paying someone $80 an hour to listen :-) ). I am going to look for that book you mention too.. sounds fantastic
we only have one car at the moment and we don't have children at home but I still find it difficult to juggle my life around being car-less sometimes.
I love fimmu face biscuits, just what every little girl needs to make her feel cheerful :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn, I think you would like the books.

It's usually easier for me because I'm the one WITH the car :-).